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About us

TekSpree started in 2010  as a way  for budding innovators to dream up new products and have a marketplace to sell online.  Having idea's is the easy part. Turning idea's into sales is the challenge.  Over the years we've helped a variety of products go from dream to drawing board to doorstep.  We've either invested in or helped create all the products you'll see on our site.  Ours is a collection of innovative products that functionally make life simpler.  Dreamers dream  it, and TekSpree does it. 



gainesville.jpgWe are located in beautiful Gainesville , Florida.  This location gives us access to talent from the University of Florida. In fact, 39% of Gainesville residents have at least a BA/BS  degree (the national average is 24%).  Gainesville also has more innovation incubators per capita than anywhere in the USA.  This means that many of our idea's get funding for development!

Our Mailing Address Is:

7065 NW 22nd Street STE A 
Gainesville FL 32653









Supreme Coordinator of Internet Services

When I was in 3rd grade, my baseball coach handed me the starting line-up sheets, and told me that I was born to play baseball - it was in my genes. I was ecstatic - finally, something I was better at than my brother. Something to make mom and dad proud! I struck out all 4 times I was at bat that game because of a papercut on my thumb - those lineup sheets have really sharp edges .




High Regent of Acquisitions

I've drawn robots, but I've never built one.
I've drawn monkeys, but I've never commanded an army of them.
I've drawn zombies, but I haven't performed a choreographed dance with them led by an undead pop star (yet).




Her Grace the Duchess of Import and Export.

Well, if you are reading this, you have spent far too much time at this website. I generally don't do interviews and the like (except sometimes on TV). But, since you've taken the time to come to this page, I will divulge just enough information to make you feel it was worth the effort. I am the merchandising director here - I speak fluent Mandarin, which comes in handy when arguing with a factory in China.





Grand High Master of Picking and Packing.

I've done a number of crazy and stupid things in my past, most of which I can't really remember. In high school, my mom actually made a list that filled a legal-sized piece of paper and posted it on the fridge with a magnetic holder. I was kind of proud of the list, myself.