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What Can Harold and Kumar Teach Us About 3D TV?

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Harold And Kumar teach us about 3D TV Technology

3D TV GlassesA Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas was released in both 3D and 2D over the weekend. This slapstick comedy is not the normal genre that people would assume 3D movies to be in. There are no explosive scenes, no aliens, and no action-packed special effects. There are plenty of T & A jokes, and crude comedy about human bodily functions. How does 3D fit in to this un-expected movie genre? Have movie makers simply run out of idea's for their shows? Are they using 3D to again attract an audience that is starting to bore of the same movie plots?

A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas was always intended to be a 3D movie. It wasn't re-made or converted into a 3D movie. This means that the entire story, script and plot was devised with 3D viewing in mind. This important, but subtle detail, explains why the story works so well in 3D even though it lacks the visual effects of an action movie. The Harold and Kumar franchise is based on mocking mainstream culture. In this version of their movie, they set their sites partly on 3D technology by essentially parodying the mainstream 3D genre. In one point of the movie there is a 3D penis stuck to a flag pole. The message? Hollywood can put some pretty ridiculous things in 3D and that's just unnecessary.

While the movie uses 3D to get it's parody (of 3D) across, it also uses the technology to make their characters more immersive and believable. Harold and Kumar are likable precisely because they are normal every-day folks. Portraying them in 3D makes them seem even more normal. The viewers not only see the characters on the screen, but feel them in a three dimensional space -much like actors on a stage. This immersion really accentuates the characters "every dayness" making 3D a benefit to the experience, instead of just a gimmick.

I think that A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas shows that there does not have to be a battle between 3D and 2D technology. The debate should not be about which version of a movie is better or which is technologically superior. Some movies will do just fine in 2D - there's no need to remake Horse Whisperer in 3D. Others, like A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas will benefit from the emotional depth that 3D can bring to a movie. - And there's nothing gimmicky about that.

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