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My name is David, and I'm a square.  I'm going to use my experience in the World of Warcraft and  extensive service in Starfleet to be your guide to the wonderful world of Tekspree.  All our staff has extensive experience with all that is nerdy and awesome. We want to share our knowledge with you.  Stay tuned as we bring you the inside scoop on the new and the innovative!








At CES 2013 the next big thing is coming from a small company.

After returning from our CES 2013 trip, we were amazed to see that the big boys (Sony, Samsung, Google, Apple) were started to get out-innovationed by the small start-ups. Thanks to crowd-funding, anyone with the skill and determination can get into the spotlight.  CES 2013 had a few good examples!

NBC Brings the 2012 Summer Olympics to you in 3D

While many people are still not convinced that watching movies or television shows in 3D has a bright future, there is one genre that has almost universal acceptance: sports.  NBC  has partnered with Panasonic (a leader in 3D Television)  to broadcast this year's Summer Olympics from London in 3D!

Five Movies that 3D Made even better.

Yes, we agree - 3D has taken a hit lately with a few  horrible 3D blockbusters.  But, 3D doesn't always have to be about things flying at the audience. Sometimes, it can be used for good and not evil. We list 5 movies that are great in 3D - some of them are classics that you probably thought were originally in 2D!  Find out which movies make the cut.

Are 3DTV Makers Turning a Profit? 

With competition for 3D TV sets at an all time high, is anyone making money off this new technology?   The common theory among  consumers is that the only reason television makers want you to buy 3D televisions is so they can up-sell you another set!  Is this the case, or are the TV makers struggling to maintain their profit margins? 


What's the difference between 60hz, 120hz, and 240hz!?

Yes there is a difference, and you should care!  If you're going to be investing a thousand or more dollars in a television, you'll want to know you're getting the most bang for your buck.  Do you need to pay extra for more herz?  We'll  un-confuse things for you so you can walk into that Best Buy and talk-the-talk.


A Guide to 21st Century TV Technology for the Masses

Ten years ago, all you had to know was whether your television has color and stereo sound. Now you have to worry about whether it has LCD, plasma or LED and if it's 1080 or 720.  Yikes! Let us guide you through the jargon so you can understand where to spend your hard earned buck





Active Vs. Passive 3D Glasses

It seems that people are very passionate about their politics, religion, and 3D Glasses technology.    In an attempt to clear up some of the misconceptions that continued to prevail after our last article, we decided to do a side-by-side comparison of the two most popular 3D technologies:  Active 3D  and Passive 3D.    



What Can Harold and Kumar Teach Us About 3D TV?



A slapstick comedy that uses 3D not only to make rude jokes, but to parody the 3D industry and make the audience relate to a pair of every-day characters. What can we learn from this surprisingly telling movie - nay, film.




The Five Misconceptions About 3D Technology in the News. 

This week we discuss why the news media seems to be waging a war against 3D technology, and why their arguments don't hold water. 3D is here to stay, and while the technology is certainly evolving, it's no gimmick or quick trick. Like any film technique, in the hands of the right storyteller, 3D can make even a great movie experience even better. Join us this week at our 3D blog The Square right here at TekSpree.com and lets debunk these misconceptions together. . .   




LG Cinema 3D Television Vs. 3D Active Shutter Glasses - All You Need to Know.

Let me guide you through the complicated and sometimes confusing world of Passive and Active 3D Glasses. I'll explain why 3D Shutter glasses are the true future of 3D entertainment, and why LG's passive glasses are cheap for a reason (you get what you pay for).  I'll also point out why non-Glasses 3D is still a far off dream.  



Is 3D Technology a fad or is it here to stay?

Television has been around for some 50 years in the US, and 3D Technology has existed even before then. Is 3D Tech just a passing fad as it was in the monster-movie days of the 1950's, or is it the future of television in the 21'st century?  Join us for a lively debate!  




Hollywood 3D Re-release Commandments.


As the Lion King breaks records for re-releases  at $60 million and counting, we ask: Is this  a good thing for movie goers?   Should there be some rules to follow?  How do we keep Hollywood from cheapening the art of 3D movies with terrible 3D remasterings?