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London 2012 Summer Olympics in 3D on NBC

3d-shutter-glasses-lcd.jpgNBC announced that they will make the 2012 London Olympics available to all pay TV services in 3D.  Even though there will be a tape delay, this will be the first time that the Olympics will be viewable in 3D.  The current plan is to have over 210 hours of 3D footage including the Opening and Closing Ceremonies, gymnastics, diving, and swimming.  Coverage of the games runs from July 27th to August 12th.  Although no specific plans have been made available as to which channels will carry the 3D games, it's safe to say that NBC's parent company, Comcast, along with NBC Sports  are  choices.  Panasonic is the official television sponsor of the NBC 2012 Olympic Coverage and spent considerable effort during the last Olympics in 2004 to promote their 3D technology.  This year, Panasonic has been a very vocal supporter of producing the Summer Olympics in 3D to show that the technology is indeed gaining widespread acceptance.    As such, look for 3D broadcasts to also be available on the Panasonic/Direct TV partner channel n3D.     Several worldwide broadcasters are also going to be broadcasting the Summer Olympics in 3D: CCTV, BBC, SKY Sports and the Nine Network to name a few.  
The 3D broadcast of the Summer Olympics follows a trend which has seen several recent sporting events broadcast in 3D, including College Football, Wimbledon andolympics-in-3d.jpg soccer championships.   According to research conducted by various industry groups, 63% of respondents reported that they would watch a sporting event in 3D.  While interest in 3D movies has been lukewarm as the technology matures, the popularity of 3D sporting broadcasts is on the rise.  In fact, a major complaint  this year was that the Superbowl was not available in 3D.  This was seen by many as a missed opportunity on the part of 3D TV makers, many of whom (such as Sony) are heavy sponsors of the NFL.   LG is betting on the increased interest in 3D sporting to increase sales of  3D Televisions in 2012 after a lackluster 2011. LG claims that nearly 40% of respondents to their survey said they would purchase a new 3D TV just to watch the Summer Olympics. 
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