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3D Video Converter

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Product Description


Turn Any TV into a 3D TV!

3D Video Wizard Box ConfigurationGreat for videos, games, sporting events, and 3D cable or satellite channels.

This 3D converter plays 3D entertainment on a regular 2D TV. It’s great for movies, video games, sporting events, and watching 3D cable or satellite channels.

3D movies and video games are becoming increasingly popular and are perfectly combatable with this 3D converter.

Works with your existing HD TV which will allow you to watch 3D cable or satellite channels. This means it will also convert action packed 2D content into 3D!

2 Pairs of 3D glasses are included in the box and boast a comfortable fit even over your prescription glasses, and help prevent eye fatigue.

HDMI Devices Supported

Key Features

  • 2D/3D Bluray Player
  • 2D/3D Video Game Consoles
  • DVD Players
  • Cable Box & DVR's
  • TV Satellite Systems
  • Media Players
Options for Watching 3D Content
  • Converts 2D into 3D
  • Comfortable 3D experience - less visual fatigue
  • Input resolutions: 1080i/p, 720p, 576i/p, 480i/p
  • Output resolutions up to full HD

Viewable Content for The 3D Video Wizard

Best Content to watch with the 3D video Converter
  • 3D Movies
  • 3D Video Games
  • 3D Sports Brodcasts
  • 3D Bluray Discs
  • 3D Streaming
  • 3D Cameras
Good Content to watch with the 3D video Converter
  • 2D Movies
  • 2D Video Games
  • 2D Sports Brodcasts
  • 2D Bluray Discs
  • 2D Streaming
  • 2D Cameras
In the box Bundle

What's in the Box

3D Video Converter Device A Small and compact device that allows you to plug and play with ease.

3D Remote Control Simple click and play is all that is needed on the remote to start enjoying your content. You can also navigate through menu options and selections.

2 Pairs of 3D Glasses These glasses allow you to view the 3D content on your television. The flexible arms and large lenses allow for them to fit over your perscription lenses. The high quality Acrylic lenses reduce eye fatigue so that you can watch for hours.

Wall charger and HDMI cable The box also provides the AC power adaptor and a 6ft HDMI cable.

Quick Start Image Guide

Quick Start Guide

  1. Connect the 3D Video Wizard power adapter (included) into the 3D Video Wizard box and plug in.

  2. Connect the HDMI cable (included) from your video source (Blu-ray player, game system, HD Cable Box, HD Satellite Box) to HDMI 1 input port on the back of the 3D Wizard

  3. Using a second HDMI cable, connect one end to the HDMI output on the back of the 3D Video Wizard, and the other end into your HD TV

  4. Switch on the power to your 3D Video Wizard, HD TV and video source.

  5. Set the TV to display the HDMI Input you plugged into in step 3

  6. You will see the image from the video source device on the TV

  7. Switch through available modes by pressing the mode button on the front panel or the 2D/3D button on the remote control.

  8. Put on your colored 3D glasses to experience the 3D effect.

Frequently Asked Questions

What 3D Experience Can I Expect? Many people have different expectations about 3D. 3D is about seeing a good amount of depth in the scene on your TV. It is not about seeing objects jumping out of the screen at the audience all of the time. That can be very dramatic of course but it is also very hard for your eyes to focus on for a long period of time. 3D should be comfortable to watch and your eyes should not be strained. The 3D Converter Box brings this comfortable 3D experience into your home so you can watch 3D movies, 3D games or 3D sports programs on your 2DTV.OK – it may not be is dramatic as a US$3,000 high-end 3D TV or an IMAX 3D Cinema screen with polarized glasses but remember the 3D Converter Box has delivered a really slick 3D experience on your regular TV without breaking the bank! It is important to realize that 3D works very well for some content – for example James Cameron filmed Avatar in a particular way knowing it will be a 3D movie. Many sports look well in 3D because of the motion and depth in the scene. However, much content which was originally filmed or designed without 3D in mind will not necessarily create a good 3D experience. That is why when the 3D Converter Box converts 2D into 3D the result will be mixed depending on the content chosen.

Tell me about the Colored Glasses - why do the TV colors change? The 3D Converter Box uses a 3D technology called “Anaglyph 3D”. Because it can be used on a regular TV that does not usually support 3D the colors in the content you are watching are changed to match the colors in the filters on the glasses. So the colors must change from the original to get a very good 3D effect. If the colors did not change then there would be no 3D effect!

I Have Connected Everything but I Get a Warning Message on the Screen? Make sure all devices are connected ok and all devices are switched on. If the following message appears on the screen: "Warning: No Video Input Source Found. Please connect a video source and switch on." The 3D Converter Box may have the wrong HDMI source selected. Try changing the HDMI source on the 3D Converter Box by pressing ‘source’ on the remote control. Pressing ‘source’ will switch between the two HDMI inputs on the 3D Converter Box e.g. from HDMI 1 to HDMI 2.

I Have a Standard Blu-ray Player at Home – Can I Watch 3D Blu-rays? No. You need a 3D Blu-ray Player to play 3D Blu-ray discs. The 3D Blu-ray Player will also play 2D Blu-ray discs.

The image on my screen seems a little dark, can it be adjusted? Yes. There are several ways of adjusting the brightness level. Turning down the lights in the room helps emphasize the 3D effect and reduces the amount of glare from the TV and from the glasses. This makes the 3D effect a truly immersive experience.

Make sure the brightness on your TV is set to somewhere between 50% and 80%. If brightness is too low then the picture will appear very dark. Every TV is different so you may need to find the right balance for yourself.

Use the new brightness feature that is built into the 3D Video Wizard. Simply grab the included remote and use the following steps:

STEP 1- Menu STEP 2- 3D Adjust STEP 3- Ok STEP 4- 3D Brightness STEP 5- Ok STEP 6- Adjust Accordingly

Firmware Update



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Product Reviews

  1. Achieves expectations 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 8th Jul 2017

    Grumpy stuff first:
    - remote control range is an abysmal 5 feet
    - expect device to automatically react to content, had to fiddle each time switching back and forth.
    - blue (?) lense is dark, and gives a lopsided feeling to the viewing experience.
    - I have three people in household, no options for purchasing a compatible extra set?
    - price is a bit $$$

    Good stuff:
    - easy hookup, could not be simpler.
    - glad they had a HDMI cable in the box, needed it.
    - worked with Chromecast 3D content from Vudu.
    - worked with Sony Blu-ray player, all my 3D disks.
    - 3D to 2D mode means I could send my extra 2D Blu-ray to adult children.
    - for me it was comfortable viewing
    - knowing anaglyph, happy with behavior of converter, worked as expected, with good quality.

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